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Chris Knight   Chris Knight is the founder of Love 4 Yeshua Ministries. He has served as a Torah teacher, pastor, and youth director of various congregations and youth camps. Chris has felt a the call of God to become a Teacher and Pastor since he was eight years old. He was raised in a mainstream Christian congregation and began volunteering in the ministry when he was thirteen.  
 Daniel McGirr   Daniel McGirr is the founder of Ancient Covenant Ministries. His studies of Ancient Near-East covenants will transform your understanding of Scripture. His hope that this foundation will be a unifying element for the Kingdom as we all learn and grow in the ways of Torah, Mashiach and Covenant with our KING.   Daniel is also the Pastor of Hebraic Family Fellowship of Kansas City.  
Daniel Musson   Daniel Musson has been involved in ministry for 23 years and walking in the Torah for 10 years. As an ordained minister who has served in numerous positions in the King's service, Daniel has gleaned a unique perspective on the health of the body of Messiah. As a devoted husband and father to 5 children, Daniel has a passionate desire to see the next generation of leadership of the Messianic/Hebraic Roots movement walk in maturity and display the fruits of the Spirit, and will reap the harvest of Messiah's fields.   Daniel is the Founder of Back 2 Center Ministries and is the Teaching Pastor at Hebraic Family Fellowship in Norman, OK.  
 Ed Harris   Ed Harris is a nationally known speaker and teacher and the founder of Faith in Focus. Ed cuts through the drivel of the issues facing our society and dives deep into the root causes of and motivations behind our religious, cultural, and political turmoil. Preferring to engage the issues head-on, Ed stands tough against the threats that face our communities and relationships. Ed currently serves as the pastor of Beit Yahshua in Irving, TX.   
Ephraim Judah   Ephraim Judah has been a part of the Messianic Movement for his entire life, having been raised in a lifestyle of keeping Torah. This gives him a unique insight, knowing where the Hebrew Roots Movement has been, and using that knowledge to shape the future and relate to the next generation of believers on their level and at their pace. Ephraim has been the director of Camp Yeshua – Messianic Youth Summer Camp since 2008.  Ephraim also serves as one of the Pastors of Hebraic Family Fellowship in Norman, OK.  
 Monte judah   Monte Judah is the Founder and Director of Lion and Lamb Ministries, a Messianic prophetic teaching ministry, emphasizing the teaching of Torah, Biblical principles and eschatology. Monte is also the writer and editor for YAVOH - He is Coming Magazine and the author of “The Greater Exodus” and "The Tribulation Handbook." Monte Judah is also the teaching elder at B’nai and has taught Torah since 1986.   
Rico Cortes   Rico's vision is to see all who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob return to the Torah and to be a set apart people who serve our Creator as He has instructed. Rico travels around the globe sharing the hidden truths that he has uncovered, encouraging believers in the Messiah to keep the commandments that Yeshua (Jesus) kept.  
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